mNotify: Developing mobile communication tools

The founders are Godwin Amefia and Ronald Tagoe. Both computer science graduates of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. The idea came about when they were in 3rd year. The problem they identified that led to the idea are: 

  1. Students miss their exams, because the time was changed and they were not aware of it. Other also studied the wrong subject or ended up at the wrong venue hence turning up late for the paper.
  2. Event organizers and advertizers posted posters anywhere i.e road signs, trees, road etc. In doing so, they litter campus and still get low attendance for their events.

Your products and services 

mNotify provides Value Added Services which Messaging and Voice solutions and cloud based mobile communication tools. Some of our products are ,Voice SMS, IVR, Student, Organizational Notification System and Bulk SMS System

Your success factors 

One of our strategies is to make our applications very easy to use and esthetically pleasing to our users. We refresh the look and feel of our application at most every 3 years.

Customer service being one of the things we want to excel at, we ensure that our customers satisfied with our service, and get quick response to any queries or support issues. We maintain it by having dedicated staff for customer service and support, having a customer support system in place where reports are generated to measure how well we are achieving our target.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We sell virtual units to customers that allows them to use our services online.

 Your website 

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