MAREI LTD : biomass processing plant for rural energy efficiency development

I Charles Yobwa, the founder and Director of Mambuley Renewable Energy Initiative Ltd; I’m a Tanzanian working as an Accountant, Project and Business Analyst in my sister Company “Yobwa Professional Consultants. Am writing various Investment projects in Tanzania, and therefore came to register my renewable company for undertaking projects of Energies especially ‘Green Renewable Energies‘ so as to go with the World’s Climate Change mitigations and increasing income to rural population for poverty reduction. At the infancy stage, I’m establishing a “Biomass Pellets Processing Plant” in Dodoma to be among the Unique plant in Tanzania.

Your products and services 

Biomass Pellets are refined and defined fuel that is formed when agricultural and forestry residuals are compressed into uniform diameter under high pressure. The biomass pellets have a uniforms shape, size, and density and are ideal for automatic combustion heating systems such as pellets stoves and boilers.

Your success factors 

Mambuley Renewable Energy Initiative Ltd shall have three key factor of the Business to success:

  • Efficiency on keeping financial information analysis, reporting and budgeting are critical factors to my pellets production business to success. It’s also a right tool to optimize business responsiveness, growth and profitability.
  • We believe and keep the important assumption to the biomass production plant that, the national economic conditions of Tanzania which are favorable to the pellets production, will not experience a significant decline in the next three years.
  • keeping and staying in line with the continuous advance in technology of Green Renewable Energies Investment Development.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

  • The pellets product of the plant will be in premium quality and therefore be influential to our target customers.
  • The Biomass Pellets from MAREI LTD will be set at nearly the same price rate with the local wood charcoal in the market.
  • The success of this project will be measured by the outcomes of the increased volume of sales of pellets from the plant to distribution channels; Wholesalers, Joint ventures, Retailers and the effectiveness of the working relationship we develop with our partners.

Your business model  

The main consideration of our products is the quality of products to be nearly the same price to the local wood-charcoal but differ in calorific value to pellets.

  • Product: The products will be in high quality with low as content during combustion. For domestic fires, our piles will be targeted to the end user by two types of packages. Small bags 25kgs and large bags 50kgs. The quality standard of pellets shall have to be certified by the Tanzania Bureau of Standard (TBS).
  • Pricing: The price of Wood and Agro – Pellets shall be different in the market; this is because of its calorific value in energy and density. However, the price will be set to be the same with normal local wood charcoal in local market in order to enter the market easier.
  • Distribution: The distribution Channels of our products will be divided into the whole sellers, Joint Venture and Retailers in the target market contributing to Promotion of products.

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