Koocam : make money by selling your knowledge online

There are 3 founders in the KOOCAM team:

Micheal Waknin (31 years old) CEO.

Yael Waknin (31 years old) CMO.

Arava Glam (32 years old) CREATIVE & PR.

We were all from Israel and we met in the framework of joint work, which led to friendship and partnership.

Each of us has a different employment background, management, customer retention, advertising, promotion, marketing, and financial.

We are a team composed of everything that a startup requires, and that makes us a good team.

How did you get the idea to Koocam?

The idea came from the need we encountered at home, the family was looking for a way to enrich their knowledge in languages/ cooking / traveling tips etc.

What was important to them is to receive that information from the ordinary person that possess that knowledge or skill.

So, we started to think what we would like to learn from people like us around the world and what others might be interested in learning to enrich their knowledge.

We noticed that many people do not realize the personal knowledge potential and do not know how valuable it is.

Some of them have mind barrier and thinking “What can I teach”, “I do not know anything”, “I’m not a professional”, “They know better than me”.

We are here to change this perception and give equal opportunities for everyone to make a decent living by spreading their knowledge to the world.

We also know for certain is that knowledge is the only thing that everyone has, so why not profit from it literally, thus helping them improve their financial standing and give them a place to share their knowledge.

We were surprised to discover that what motivates people is the urge and the need to share and to get acknowledged.

So, think that with all that they are getting paid for it – it’s the icing on the cake!

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Your products and services 

KOOCAM is a global social marketplace of knowledge, providing equal opportunity for everyone to increase their income by selling their personal knowledge, skills, life experience, talent etc. in a live video chat, with a free registration.

Your success factors 

Do not give up, lots of creativity, listen to users.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

  • At Koocam everyone can sell their knowledge or learn something new
  • Koocam is global
  • Sign up for free

Your business model 

Koocam takes commission from each transaction

A few words about your competitors

Our competitors are more focused on the user’s professional knowledge.

Koocam gives everyone the opportunity to sell their knowledge, it can be their native language or hobbies. Actually, everything that someone knows.

And the most important is that we are global.

Today we work with people from over 100 countries and we are growing every day.

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  1. Thanks Glam. Great post. The gentleman in your article is a perfect example of, not making internet marketing more complicated than it is, which is what I think many, including myself, do. This guy knew what he wanted to do, and just did it.
    You also said,
    Find the product people want,
    Package it, and
    Market it.
    The last part, market it, is the hard part, but this is what i have been making more complicated than it really is.