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Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture proudly wears the title of the best golf tourism destination in the country.  This region which lies at the geographical center of Japan is the only prefecture having different seas both in the north and south which lends itself to ideal yet diverse climatic conditions and a blend of cultural featues to explore.  This birthplace of domestic golf boasts the largest number of courses in Japan combined with smooth and uninterrupted passage from various cities by extensive expressway, railway, and airline networks.

Among the more than 160 golf courses in Hyogo, over 100 are located within a one-hour radius of Kobe, Hanshin or Harima. Of these, approximately 40 are open to all visitors. The first ever Japanese golf course was Kobe Golf Club, established in 1903. In addition to its spot in history as the birthplace of Japanese golf, the conditions of Kita-harima, including the fact that it is situated just outside of Osaka and Kobe, proved to be favorable for golf, leading to the creation of many golf courses that reach a high standard, due in part to the region’s abundance of rolling hills and other geographical features. Hirono Golf Club, which is said to be the number one golf course in Japan, is of course located in Hyogo. Also located in Hyogo are Naruo Golf Club, and many other 5 star courses that are open to all visitors.

 Hyogo is a treasure trove of cultural wonders as well, such as Historical Castle, Onsen, a natural hotspring, Awaji Island, the Fish Market and more, all ideal immersions to blend with any golf experience.

When measured from the southernmost part of the island-prefecture of Okinawa, to the northernmost part of Hokkaido, Hyogo falls directly in the center, making it the perfect location from which one may travel to any part of the country. Kansai International Airport is one of the two largest, major airports in Japan and is said to be the “western gate” of the country. The city of Kobe, considered the heart of Hyogo prefecture, is located just 1 hour from the airport. Osaka (Itami) International Airport and Kobe Airport are also both located in the Kobe area, as is the Shin-Kobe Shinkansen (bullet train) station, providing for easy access to all corners of Japan.


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