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About a decade ago, five classmates at Ilboru High school in Tanzania—Stebbins Tugara, Alex Athanas, Innocent Charles, Denis Frimos and Vitus Ng’homi who were all pursuing Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics—hatched up the idea of starting an ICT firm after their university education. 

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Your products and services 

 Here are some of our products

  1. EFIMAS – Extended Platform for Financial Inclusion Services -EFIMAS helps Financial Inclusion Institutions like Microfinance, SACCOS and Credit Unions to leverage the latest technologies in running their businesses more efficiently and expanding outreach at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional Banking systems. View Live demo at http://demo.efimas.com
  2. Data Collection and Survey Tool –  Is a web based, mobile phone and text based (SMS) service designed for data collection, conducting surveys, data analysis and reporting.
  3. ShuleBox – This a School Management System software that automates the life cycle of a student from admission to pass-out, maintains academic records, facilitates collaboration, allows schools to collect fees, conduct exams and print report cards. For Live demo visit at http://school.ictpack.net/
  4. PackSMS – This is affordable bundle SMS service for marketing, advertising, sharing information etc. Our SMS services are all-purpose fit, with multiple subscription options for individuals, SMEs, NGOs depending on the features required. For more details visit http://ictpack.com/products/packsms
  5. For more products details please visit company website at http://ictpack.com/products

Below are some of the services we offer:

Our core solutions and services have evolved to cover a broad range of specialties including Web and Cloud Solutions, ERP and custom Software Solutions, Systems Integration, Web and Mobile Applications, E-commerce, IT Consultancy and Training. For more details please visit http://ictpack.com/

Your success factors 

 Some of the key factors for our success include

  1. Our Founders – ICTPACK founders had the dream to have their own venture since high school and this has lasted for very long even after university they still had the same dream, each member has been involved and is comfortable with every aspect of the business plan, including the direction the company is moving.
  2. Our Growth Strategy – ICTPACK has set up strategic growth and we did a very hard decision of paying ourselves a very minimum allowance just enough to serve our well being and reinvesting in our business was the best way to accelerate growth.
  3. Our Products – We simply deliver high value INNOVATIVE solutions by bridging the gap between BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY. We focus on innovative solutions that 
  4. Our Attitude 

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

  1.  Innovative solutions
  2. User Driven Solution – We develop context appropriate solutions informed by user needs and experience
  3. Affordability of our services and products
  4. Great Support – We work closely with our customers throughout life cycle of the service and products 
  5. Great Team – Our customers loves working with ICTPACK Team because of our quality, professional and honesty. 

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We make money through developing software and solutions for our clients, selling our products and services and supporting them.

A few words about your competitors

There are lot of competitors out there especially in ICT Industry, most of them fail in startup stage and some of them succeed but the industry has still a lot of opportunities to offer.

Your website 


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