Medrine Nabaasa is the founder and the idea came as a result of youths and women  unemployment rate that stands at 70% for youths and 84 for women in Kisoro district southwestern Uganda and the need to create suitable income for the unemployed in the district through self-employment skills especially in beetroot, pineapple growing and value addition through winemaking.

Also, this was coupled with other factors like gender discrimination favouring at least boys to attain a bit of education, this has made most of the young girls no attending school hence early marriages and unwanted pregnancies. So I thought initiating this project could solve the above.

Your products and services 

Since 2014, we have been training youths and women aged 18-35 years with skills in beetroots, pineapple growing and adding value through winemaking production. So far we have trained over 250 youths and women in beetroot, pineapple growing and winemaking which has helped our beneficiaries to earn income from selling both fresh beetroots, pineapples and wine.

Your success factors 

The project has created 250 jobs for both direct and indirect beneficiaries.

A wider market base has been created due to quality products which will also lead to attraction of more youths and women into business.

250 youth and women have gained enough skills in quality production and marketing that will enable them to produce high-quality products matching with market standards.

The business has reduced unemployment among the youths and women because many have adopted the idea of growing beetroots and pineapples to earn a living.

It has also reduced the community attitude change towards girls.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Unfavorable climatic conditions more especially during the dry season which exerts pressure to use irrigation method.

Your business model  

We sell fresh beetroots, pineapples and add value on these products to generate income from winemaking.

We sell wine residues to farmers which act as manure.

We train other community people on winemaking from beetroots and pineapples at affordable fee.

Some people willingly support our project as it is seen as one of the developmental projects that can solve unemployment in Kisoro district.

A few words about your competitors

Our competitors have capital machinery like bottling companies and at the same time, they act as our bottling suppliers which reduces our net income.

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