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After founding the “ENISO TEAM” club at the National Engineering School of Sousse in 2015, I realized that the knowledge of robotics and technology can be acquired and used at an earlier age that helps unleash the creativity and imagination of the people. After few years and inspired by the new emerging STEAM education methodology, Our team worked hard to provide easy to use concepts and products that help kids learn robotics and software programming at early age and through a learn by practice approaches that focus on trial and error.


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Your products and services 

Our Product « Evokit » is a set of mechanical and electronic parts that can be assembled and programmed in order to deliver a revolutionary learning experience of new technologies which is submerged in amusement and knowledge.

To increase the fun, firstly we have integrated a set of documents that serve as a guide for children in their adventures and gives them a set of proposals for different uses and a large database of codes to try. Multiple sketches also were added as terrains for classical practical tests such as line following, obstacle avoidance, sumo …

Secondly, we’ve created an Android control application that serves as an alternative to control the robot. Because of its simplicity of use, the application was admired by all of those who tried it.

Evokit” was crafted with the purpose to be a suitable product that will contribute to the technological awakening among children starting from 8 years old. It is easy to assemble, easy to program and it is expandable according to the kids’ desire since we believe that the imagination must never have limits.

Our robot supports, among others, the different children’s visual programming languages, which are fast, easy to understand and requires no previous experience.


Your success factors 

Our team combine both the technical practice and the know-how gained through accumulated experience due to their contribution in scientific clubs and organizations and the different tests they elaborated with over 200 students across Tunisia that served to polish the different success of the product, in addition to their scientific knowledge and understanding of mechatronics, electronics, computer science and management.


Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

In our case, innovation is demonstrated through the mastery of the technology used to design and manufacture our product. The manufacturing technologies used were carefully chosen to be the latest in order to be taught in the process of learning in addition to the other scientific knowledge. The members of the EVOCRAFT team implemented their scientific, technical and managerial skills in order to move from the idea phase to the execution of the project.


Your business model  

Because of the wide variety of applications it offers, our product can address many customers such as primary schools, scientific clubs and associations, geeks and parents. Besides our main customers, some co-working spaces and training centres also were interested in the product which leads us to some important partnerships. We’ve started by focusing on the regions of Sousse, Monastir and Tunis since they have the biggest concentration of private primary schools and scientific organizations.   

Our revenue model is based basically on the selling of the product and the different accessories and add-ins. In addition to that, we offer specific tailored trainings for the teachers/trainers in the schools who wish to adopt our product in their courses. We intend, in the future, to enlarge our offers and diversify our products and accessories and to find new markets in the Mediterranean basin. 


A few words about your competitors

Multiple competitors exist on the international market such as Mblock, LEGO Mindstorm,… but the prices or the functions usually presented in such products don’t go along with our market’s demand. In order to compete with their offers, we worked on improving many competitive advantages: price, autonomy, rigidity, stability and the hackability in order to adapt them to the needs of our customers.


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