Craft Planet: improving lives through forest conservation and waste management

AbdulLateef Olaosebikan and Kabir Olaosebikan are brothers they created Craft Planet in 2016 as a result of an incessant problems of energy generation especially for domestic heating. The majority of our population use kerosene for lighting and cooking followed by large sum of the population that uses firewood and charcoal. Meanwhile, kerosene price has increased from N40 to over N300/litre since the last 4years making it less affordable for most households especially in rural areas and low income earners in urban centres, firewood and charcoal price has also increase tremendously due to high demand and government restriction laws to discourage wood felling and these are making it difficult for income management especially for low income earners. This problem affects households, bakeries, food processors and light manufacturing industries while contributing to commodity price hike as well. Therefore, we came up with a solution by recycling farm waste into wood pellets and briquettes for domestic and industrial heating since the raw materials are abundant and almost free in nature.

Your products and services 

Our products are wood pellet and briquettes made by grinding and pelletizing saw dusts, sticks, straw, dry grass, rice husks, corn cubs and leaves etc. we also designed and fabricated a pellet stove to enhance combustion and make cooking safer to the people’s health

Your business model (how do you make money?)

Our business model – we collect farm waste from farmers, saw dust from saw mills and we also harvest sticks and straws from the bush grind them and pelletize for use in households and bakeries while using our pellet stoves to aid efficient combustion, our distribution channel is through retailers around residential areas and at strategic road junctions at the moment.

A few words about your competitors

Our competitors are mainly kerosene, firewood and charcoal sellers but we would beat them on price and efficiency

Your website

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