Alton-Reus Ltd : a fish farming company

Alton-Reus Ltd was founded by Akoma Onyedikachi and Anthony Odoh.

We are presently fish farmers breeding mostly Catfish. But we are expanding our scope to include all other animal farm categories such as cows, goats, pigs, sheep, fish, poultry, horse and dogs. From the Ranch, we hope to begin a Horse race competition in Nigeria, the first of its kind and to build a Ranch Resort which would be a recreation center/vacation center/tourist center. 

Our success in fish farming has been hinged in reduction of cost of feeding for the fish and I have further discovered other means of reducing cost of feeding. The ranch itself is a strategy to reduce cost of feeding. The organic wastes of the other animals are used to produce maggots which are very nutritious to the fish and help boost their growth.

Other farms specialize in just one or two farm categories. There are not many ranches in Nigeria and none like the one I propose that will include all animal farm categories. I believe in hubs. I believe a Ranch that comprises all farm categories will provide cheaper feeding for all animals and makes the farm even more attractive to customers. The Horses will be used to begin a horse race competition that I hope will span all over Africa. It will also utilize sport betting to create even more attention to it. This is the first of its kind in Nigeria.

A horse race course will be created and the wealthy and rich will be invited to participate in the competition by buying our horses. Northern leaders who are known to have horses but lack participatory sports to fully utilize them will be eager to join this competition. The Resort will comprise of so many relaxation utilities such as spas, pony riding, swimming, cinema, sports club, golf course, horse riding, bar etc. With an attractive natural environment that brings out the nature’s allure

Each animal farm produce is sold and profit is made even while breeding. Here is a profit analysis of some of the farm categories.

Category Cost of Production Turnover Profit
Fish 2,000,000 5,600,000  
Cattle 500,000 3,500,000  
Snail 400,000 2,000,000  
Labor 1,500,000    
Total 4,400,000 11,100,000 6,700,000

The challenge with my competitors in Nigeria is lack of ambition to go international and to do business beyond the borders of tradition. There is so much to be harnessed in animal farming in Nigeria and I intend to explore all of it especially through research. I believe that I can see beyond the limits of my competitors guided by a higher ambition to achieve my dream.





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