ACHRY : an e-commerce platform that provides space for shops to present their products online

It all started with a problem and a question, why do I have to either go out in the heat or rain, sit in traffic or stand in line to check out my favorite shops and look for a certain product, or go through endless lists of products that I mostly ignore the origin of in online shops? Why can’t there be a mixture of the two? So I thought of creating a platform (website/app) that gathers all shops in all cities and gives them a space to showcase their products.

Our service is rather simple, to our users, it will be the place where they can search for any product or discount by checking out shops in their area or other cities, or follow their favourite and get notified everytime they add something new. As for our customers (Business owners), we give them the opportunity to have a space where they can exhibit their products or services with their own name and their OWN PRICES. Thus reaching more people.

Our success factors are very high simply because our service is highly needed. We all know that online shopping is taking over, people are opting for the easier way, and that’s hurting the business owner who invested from their hard earned money. With a platform like ACHRY, we give them the opportunity to join the online competition, by having their own showcase online, amongst other similar businesses in their area or category.

We are different because unlike all online shops and e-commerce out there, we don’t sell any product per se. Instead, we’ll have all shops in all cities listed through over 25 categories and have them sell their own. We put the shop’s name’s first and ours stays behind, they are required to put the same prices on their products as they do in their real shops. They don’t have to worry about shipping, they just update their page as easily as if they were updating their Facebook or Instagram.

Because our App and website will be free for our users, our customers will be the shops that will choose to appear in our platform and have a space. They’ll have to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions. The prices will be very low because we’d rather have a large number of customers paying us little money each, than a little number of customers paying us a lot, that and the more shops we have the more users we get which results in even more shops. And also 4 types of advertising available in our platform for the long term.

Our competitors are e-commerce platforms and online shops like Amazon, Alibaba and Jumia in Africa. They are BIG companies and rather scary to go up against. However, we believe that our platform is different enough, and needed enough to have a spot among them.


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