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Patrick Njiru is a teambuilding specialist with over 9 years of progressive experience in teambuilding, 6 years now as Transolution Ventures Director and teambuilding facilitator. 8 years working for Bluesky Adventures as a lead facilitator in their outdoor course. He is our special Fitness trainer and facilitators. Patrick is a certified level 2 trainer by the Association for challenge course technology.

Since 2010, we as Transolution Ventures have built relationships with teams and led them through exercises, leadership programs, and adventure trips that have helped people step up to business challenges, climb higher personally and professionally, and lead teams more effectively. The challenge is how to encourage unity, trust and open communication among a diverse group of people and personalities. That’s what Transolution ventures facilitators do best.

The ability to work as a team is integral to the success of any organization.”

Through our specialized experiential learning technique, we ensure that all the activities are objective towards elements of a team you would want to perfect. Teams learn to communicate better, creatively solve problems and motivate positive progress. But the benefits aren’t just for a team; they’re personal too. People come away from the training understanding their strengths, prepared to achieve their goals and ready to lead with confidence.

“People learn best when they can “do,” not just hear information”

Coprate Social Responsibility consulting

Transoluntion Ventures is fortunate in its involvement in providing team building that supports CSR with many different organizations. Assisting organizations to build high performing teams is rewarding in itself. Assisting organizations to make a significant contribution to their community as a direct result of developing high performing teams is even better. The trend toward building Corporate Social Responsibility/philanthropy into team-building activities is a movement Transolution Ventures has embraced. We recognize that our clients are looking for innovative ways to make emotional and lasting connections among their teams. With our CSR team-building programs, guests walk away with a sense of gratitude, pride, accomplishment and goodwill toward their company.

Transolution Ventures also offers :

Transport services

     Our wide Range of spacious and comfortable vans, Land cruisers, buses and mini vans are a guarantee to our clients satisfaction. Accompanied by our professional Chauffeurs you are assured of good customer care, a fluent English speaker and efficiency.

Tours & travel Safaris 

      We organize all inbound tours / outbound tours for individual and group travelers with tailor made itineraries.

 Hotel bookings

     We do hotel bookings as well as the packages in all major tourist destination in Kenya and abroad. We have separate department for handling hotel booking and tours.    

Adventure trips which include but are not limited to :

a. Rock climbing

This wonderful experience includes two different

adventures! Outdoor rock Climbing and Indoor rock climbing have joined forces to create one super experience. Outdoor Rock Climbing is a very rewarding activity; it is both physically and technically challenging and is also great fun for a team.

b. Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is definitely one of the most popular extreme sports we offer, and with very good reason. Bungee forces us to face our fears, test ourselves and push our limits to the absolute max. Oh, and it’s really, really good fun.

c. Quad biking

we offer a unique and fun teambuilding experience on quad motorcycles. Participants do not need to be physically fit. We have semi-automatic and automatic quads and can accommodate all levels of riding. We supply protective kit including helmets, chest protectors and goggles. Full instruction is always provided so no previous experience is necessary. Both men and woman participants are welcome.

d. Paintball shooting adventure

Paintball, the Sport which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with paintballs shot from a compressed air powered canister. This activity is 100% safe for everyone and accommodates almost everyone in a team.

e. High ropes adventure

Treat your team with a challenge on the Ropes Course! They will enjoy a wide range of thrilling activities from flying squirrel, pipe dream, islands in the sky to a climbing wall, all under the supervision of a qualified instructor! With a group of 10 (up to 90 people max!) this makes a perfect office day out or office party.

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