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Top 10 PFP NFT Projects That are Your Lucrative Investments Choices

Last year, the cryptosphere witnessed a massive boom thanks to generative art avatar projects.  Everyone wants to experience a metaverse, and entertainment or technology businesses want to own a piece of it.  However, participants require unique avatars to represent themselves.  As a result, they can now mint NFTs for the PFP (picture for profile).

Various high-profile PFP NFTs are listed in NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation, Mintable, etc.  Additionally, many more PFP NFT projects are scheduled for listing this year.  As a result, many people are searching for information about PFP NFT projects.  They what to discover and invest in the blue-chip ones.

So then, here is what you need to know about PFP NFT projects.

PFP NFT Projects Explained

Picture for Proof, Picture for Profile, and Profile Picture are some of the full-form terms that netizens use for PFP on social media platforms.  Internet users are searching for vibrant, unique, and eye-catching PFPs.  The interest in NFT has hit a new level.

Some hand-drawn artworks reflect the faces of cats, apes, aliens, humans, ducks, etc.  Social media platforms such as Twitter have started to connect NFT owners via crypto-wallet and display it as their avatar.  Other networks such as Instagram, Facebook, OnlyFans, and Reddit will soon permit NFTs as profile pictures.

These PFP NFT projects have become popular since the launch of Cryptopunks.  The growth is driven by various reasons, including:

Defined Roadmap: The NFT projects have a clear roadmap that informs investors of what to expect from the investment.

Physical and Virtual Utilities: PFP NFT investors have access to some real-life and virtual utilities.  For example, Karafuru NFT owners get meals, real toys, and vouchers to attend life events like games.

Creative Art Monetization: The majority of PFP NFT projects have started merchandise stores where NFT Holders can monetize their assets.  This is done by selling beanies, T-shirts, mugs, etc.  But, not all NFT projects permit creative art monetization.

Community-based PFP NFTs: These pictures for proof NFT holders have voting rights.  They also actively participate in this project because they want it to progress well.

Based on this description, PFP NFT projects are preferable because of their better monetization opportunities.  Further, PFP NFTs help owners showcase their persona online because they’re collector’s edition creative arts.

Top PFP NFT Projects to Watch Out for in 2022

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC): The BAYC project comprises 10,000 generative bored apes’ cartoons.  Yuga Labs launched BAYC in April 2021, and since then, it’s ranked at the top of the valuable NFT projects and the most popular among the NFT communities.  Additionally, the NFTs have 170 varied computer-generated traits for eye, mouth, fur, earring, hat, clothing, background, etc.  Actually, each of these NFTs is not similar to the others, and the project brings together the CryptoPunks building blocks and the emerging ecosystem.  The future of this project is beaming because of the launch of the ApeCoin token and the metaverse development.  In its metaverse dubbed as Otherside, the ApeCoin token will serve as a governance token.

Cool Cats NFT: Cat lovers have their interests taken care of by the Cool Cats NFT and can now own and use cool cat avatars on social media.  The project has 9,999 randomly generated PFP NFTs.  Colin Egan and his team work on the development and blockchain.  The project is developed on the Ethereum blockchain, inspired by the CryptoPunks, and is proud of different unique traits.  As a result, users can create over 300,000 unique variations of beautiful catlike profile pictures by varying their faces, bodies, clothes, glasses, hats, and other accessories.  In terms of rarity, there are four types of NFTs that include Exotic, Classy, Wild, and Cool.  The Cool Cats NFT’s roadmap indicates that the project will turn entirely on the gaming metaverse.  Further, the cats will trade through $MILK which is its native cryptocurrency token.

CryptoPunks: The project is made up of 10,000 pixelated Punk NFTs.  The developer, Larva Labs, was not fully conversant with these avatars’ utility, thus free to mint and with no transaction or gas fee.  Immediately after its launch, owners realized that it can be used as PFP on various platforms.  Later NFT enthusiasts got hold of the punk avatars and began using them as profile pictures on Twitter.  This made them the hottest trend on social media platforms.  The CryptoPunks Project’s punk NFTs are distinct from each other due to rarity levels.  As a result, collectors pay extra for the rarest NFTS.  Indeed, its popularity and growth have inspired content creators and artists to create more PFP NFTs.

Doodles: The NFT project is made up of 10,000 hand-drawn profile picture illustrations to be used as an online avatar on a variety of communities and platforms.  Listed among the rare NFTs, Doodles are pastel color-based representations of cats, human faces, monkeys, apes, sharks, ducks, dinos, aliens, skeletons, mascots, etc.  There are 5,000 spaceships for the doodles, and Scott Martin and others created these cartoons with rainbow colors for the Doodles NFT project.  This manually illustrated artwork NFTs project has had a huge follower base since its first public sale.  The Doodles NFT collection utility revolves around its community because it’s a community-based project, and its owners get voting rights.  It also focuses on rare and memorabilia collectibles.  Most likely, this NFT project might convert to an entertainment company, thus allowing its owners to use their avatars in metaverse and Web3.

Karafuru: Do you need a colorful persona?  If so, the Karafuru NFT project will provide you with it because its characters represent a fantastic blend of random personas, psychedelic colors, and Gacha Games, in addition to generative art technology.  WD.Willy, a creative illustrator, and the Museum of Toys (MoT) are the brains behind the NFT.  The NFT project has 5,555 generative and 2D vibrant 2D profile picture illustrations, all with unlimited characters.  The NFTs were made unique and rare when a thousand attributes were injected randomly during minting.  The parent project is known as The Playground.  Owners of these NFTs are given access to virtual Karafuru city, where they can interact with some crew members and engage in various fun activities.

Meebits: Fortnite and Roblox are some of the online games that have made pixel art-based characters to become popular worldwide.  As a result, more and more NFT artists were dedicated to pixel art themes in order to build a diverse community adoring the artwork.  Meebits PFP NFT is one of the most successful projects in pixelated format.  In fact, the project is made up of 9,000 NFT assets which are voxel arts or pixel artwork in 3D.  Since Larva Labs has already established the project on the Ethereum blockchain platform and has ERC-721 tokens because of smart contract consensus, users can buy and sell it in the Ethereum linked NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. Since characters are designed on the CryptoPunks project, Meebits look like CryptoPunks, although in 3D.  They both have the same developer, larva Labs.

Mfers: The PFP NFT project of 10,021 NFTs allows you to flaunt yours on social platforms.  Owners of these cool meme arts can showcase them on Discord or Twitter as well as offer them as a message to their community.  Sartoshi is the artist behind these NFTs, and the project is Web3 enabled courtesy of WestcoastNFT.  Further, the project is made of 10,000 general NFTs comprising stick figure drawings that meme-makers and netizens use to visualize their ideas quickly.  The 21 special NFTs were created from a popular meme template known as “are you winning, son?” You can access these digital elements in the public domain and even use them without paying for them.

ON1 Force: The first NFT from ON1 Force was launched in August 2021.  After that, the PFP NFT has stirred the NFT sphere with NFTs with cross-platform compatibility.  An excellent example of this is ON1VERSE and Ethereal Enclave, which you can set as a picture for your profile on Web3 enabled platforms.  The collection of 7,000 PFPs is mainly generative art assets that have a side-view of the characters and showcase high-resolution art bearing granular texture definition.  Out of these 7,000 NFT artworks, designers have drawn 100 of them.  The PFP NFT project has different traits that define the rarity of its collection in the NFT universe.  Some of these include special power and visual art traits.  The special power traits include strength, spirit, and style, while the visual traits include the body, head, hair, eyes, mouth, domain, helmet, background colors, etc.  The avatars fight for existence in the virtual Ethereal Enclave while the special powers determine the character that thrives.

SupDucks: Franky Nines is the artist behind this NFT.  This well-known OG artist heads MegaVoltCorp, the company that launched the NFTs in July 2021.  Nines worked as a designer for NFT42, Zynga, and Dapperlabs before this venture.  The project comprises 10.0K NFT assets produced from superior art.  It also has a community that supports it, so if you own any of its collections, the PFP NFT will then “grant you legendary status.” It has a utility token known by the name $VOLT, which allows you to stake investments in Chess, Rock-Paper-Scissors, coin flips, and more within the Discord community.  It’s rumored that MegaVoltCorp is likely to establish a merch store to sell real-life SupDucks merch.

World of Women: Previously, the NFT sphere was dominated by projects comprising fictional characters made from skeletons, apes, robots, cats, toads, etc.  However, things changed when the World of Women project was launched.  The lead designer of this premium women-led NFT project is Yam Karkai. Indeed, the project ended the scarcity of colorful and vibrant female PFPs’ collections and satisfied NFT collectors and investors searching for such options.  The NFT collection has 10,000 punk-looking female avatars.  It’s actually a powerful reflection of the diversity, inclusivity, and female representation in the digital world.  As a result, many celebrity investors such as Shonda Rhimes, Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon, Napheesa Collier, and Von Muller are part of this PFP project.  This has caused its price to hit the sky.


There are many investors, collectors, and traders in the NFT sphere because the majority of the parent projects provide a defined roadmap for their growth and utility.  Also, a strong community behind these projects monitors their development.

Therefore, you have plenty of lucrative investment choices in the PFP NFT space.  However, there is a capital risk associated with these NFTs; therefore, it’s important to follow and track their progress before diving deeper into them.


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