SAND Product Design : a product design firm in Egypt

SAND Story : 

SAND was founded by passionate, creative and visionary life-friends; Ahmed ElDaly and Mohamed ElSharawy.

As life-long friends, Ahmed witnessing his growing designer and talented friend, Mohamed. And with his business acumen and entrepreneurial background, always believed in leveraging this innovation commercially to boost the economy and serve the community especially if a design firm was to be established in Egypt. With Mohamed dream, as well of developing a newer generation of product designers in a country where product design is still a non-existing field, and there is a desperate need for. So, when the inevitable happened, SAND was created with its slogan “Ideas to Reality!

Ahmed has a 10 year plus experience in the fields of wealth-management, multinational banking, sales and venture capital investments; where he worked as the professional face for a couple of the most prestigious banks in the middle east. Ahmed has brought to SAND its structured sales and business model, paving the way for a 5-year steady growth plan for the design firm.

Mohamed, on the other hand, is the design and technology brains behind SAND. After 8 years in technology and supply chain management, along with a machine design professional experience in one of the most innovative fields of production technologies, diaper production machines. Mohamed has started his career in Product Design in MS-Designs in 2010, as a mechanical engineer exploring the exciting world of product design where he fell in love with the idea of creating products that serve higher purposes and improves people’s lives. Creating more than 30 products, between client requested and self-inspired ideas between 2010 and 2016.

Ahmed and Mohamed, has lived and professionally worked in multiple Western and middle-eastern countries like: UAE, Italy, Germany, and USA.

After their diverse career experiences, have matured and bloomed, Mohamed and Ahmed took the decision to start SAND in January 2016. And here we are now 10 months later, with a fully operational design firm that stands as a testimony of the hard work, technical experience and business acumen of both founders.

Hiring the best and working only with the best people, SAND fully team share the same high skill level and competency that the founders have and will always seek in their future team expansions. Our office environment was carefully designed to be a cornerstone of creativity and innovation. With a fully equipped workshop to enable hands-on prototyping, both in early and later phases of product development. Along with an “Idea Board” to capture instant product ideas that might not be directly linked to the projects that we are working on, which serves our “Products-For-You” business.

Simply everything you will witness and see in our design firm premises will give you the same excitement that we work with every day. And the physical office is not all, with MS-Designs growing into SAND all the design work processes and project management systems have been perfected and grew into high standard professional work systems, that ensures both best cost and lead time to meet our clients’ needs in extremely specific and rigorously followed delivery dates.

SAND is simply described as a place where the magic happens or “ideas” come “to reality”!

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