SafeMotos : a safer Uber for African motorcycle taxis

Nash is a relatively crazy Canadian who has lived in Africa for over ten years. Peter is a self-taught dev from a small town in Kenya, they met as roommates and over a critical mass of beer voila: SafeMotos was born.

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Your products and services 

We’re a safer Uber for African motorcycle taxis. We pull telematic sensor data from drivers smartphones then use insurance industry best practices to rank drivers. We only pair customers to drivers who are above a certain threshold. We are for profit, so make money per trip by offering increased value per trip, with a focus on night trips, hard to reach locations, women drivers for women customers, delivery, and corporate partners. To make sure we are accessible, we offer a number of places that are free to go to because business partners pay to acquire them.

Your success factors 

Team : Nash brings an outsider perspective, Peter dreams in code, Morgan knows best business practice forward to back.

Market : Have you been to an African city with motorcycle taxis? They’re everywhere. Totally cottage industry. Let’s bring them forward a few generations.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

For one we’re all a bit crazy, motivated by more than just making money but by proving something a bit deeper to each of ourselves. I think we haven’t had the luxury of copypasting Western business models, because it’s just too expensive to be unit economic negative on a massive number of trips, which is the norm in ride sharing: instead we’ve constantly had our back against the wall and it’s made us innovate. Rwanda is pretty terrific too.

Your business model  

30% cut per normal trip, higher for nightime/corporate/female drivers; with our FreeMotos being paid by business partners paying a per conversion price for each customer they acquire.

A few words about your competitors

They’re very nice people! SafeBoda is cool, but we think we’re focusing a bit higher altitude, Max is sick but coming at the opportunity from a different angle, Uber can have fun training moto drivers, Sendy is more delivery.




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