“Okechukwuogbonnia Enterprise” : a company specialized in animal husbandry


I Obeta Okechukwu is the founder of Okechukwuogbonnia Enterprise (we specialize in animal husbandry and other relevant agricultural activities) and the idea came through the passion I have for animals.

Your products and services

International standard honey, bee wax, fat pigs for lard producers, piglets and other pig products.

Your success factors

Ability to advertise online and execute all supply demands, Passion for the business, Access roads to all our farm.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

Land mass that enhances expansion for a better outcome.

Your business model

We make money by selling our quality products at affordable rate.

A few words about your competitors

This has been the major problem facing our business especially Our Piggery farm. Our competitors are strong financially though we are breaking even with our strategy of selling high-quality products at a cheap rate.



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