Mcshop : an e-commerce site that allows you to pay on delivery

Mcshop the platform was founded in February 2016 by me and my co-founder Christian kadiambiko to meet the growing demand for convenience and bringing customers and buyers together in the most plausible way. Technology offered us the best way to do it.

Back in 2015 when I started my studies in Johannesburg, people were asking me to buy things and send back home because they thought the South African quality was way better. After some time I saw the growing appetite for international brands back home. I invested $100 and bought shoes with Christian my friend and later the founder of our business being responsible for delivery back home. We did this for about four months. But tracking the sales, I saw a huge growth and potential and told Christian that time was ripe for us to put structures, systems and processes in place. That is how McShop was born which means Mike & Christian. We opened a Facebook page so that we could easily manage orders.

In February 2016, we borrowed $ 3000 from friend and families in order to take the project to the next level. We set up a website and employed a team of five people. Moving on the journey was still challenging because people were used to an old system. It was quite an uphill task trying to convince people on the benefits of e-commerce. It has however been rewarding because today we receive on average 6500 visits per month and are recording organic growth as days go by.

Your success factors 

  • Top 100 Anzisha prize 2017
  • Tony elumelu entrepreneur 2017

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

The most popular websites for e-commerce in DRC are:, MolatoMARKET,

Competitive Edge

Clear strategy: To be the best e-business website in Congo, the right strategy born with the right period of e-business development in Congo DR, that makes the half success of Mcshop .

– Difference: because we are a platform focusing on fashion our uniqueness put us apart from the crowd. Our customers always know where to find what they need in terms of fashion items.

Your business model  

By Commission

Mcshop charges 10% commission from vendors upon every sell done through the platform

Your website 

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