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 About the founders and how the idea came

After several interactions with a lot of families in his community, Janix Asare realized that Land ownership disputes had caused the loss of countless and precious lives, caused the loss of huge sums of money, time and properties in Ghana. These as results lead to the loss of huge sums of money due to the destruction of business infrastructures and houses which affect the financial status of people, their family and their SMEs. The major contributing factors are the lack of information on the step-by-step process/guide for legally acquiring land(s) in Ghana, the long bureaucratic processes, inadequate finances, ignorance and illiteracy across families. 

As a Professional GIS Consultant/Advocate, a Social Entrepreneur and a Young African Leadership Initiative Fellow, he channeled his career and passion to innovate Just Land to deal with this persisting Land ownership disputes in Ghana. Just Land now has a team of Experts in the field of Business Management, Town and Country Planning, IT/Geographic Information System, Survey, Law and Community Engagement with combined experience of fifty (50) years. Just Land is an online/offline platform that provides fast, affordable, efficient and reliable services for thousands of vulnerable families to legally register their lands and obtain land documents in few days avoiding long bureaucratic procedures, cheating and corruption in Ghana.

Products and Services 

Through Just Land online/offline platform, individuals and organizations are provided with information on the details of the suitability of a land for a particular purpose, the legal land owner, the boundaries of a land as well as the legal step-by-step registration process involved in land acquisition. Just Land offers services for land buyers to verify the authenticity of Allocation Papers, offer accurate Site Plan Design, Building Plans Design, Cadastral Survey as well as acquire Lease and Building Permits.

 ‘Just Pad’ is also a mobile handheld field survey device designed for Land Surveying, Site Suitability Analysis and Building Inspection. Just Pad includes ‘Just Land’ software installation, GIS and GPS capabilities.

Success factors 

Success Story:

The Town and Country Planning Department has no layout for the Ayease Village in Obuasi, the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The entire community of Ayease is very relieved that Just Land is surveying, registering their ancestral/family 100 Acres of lands for them obtain legal land registration documents (allocation paper and lease) to prevent land ownership disputes and the loss of their lands.   

Product Development : Collecting Land data into ‘Just Land’ platform and Just Pad in progress.

Decrease in the monthly/annual court cases involving land disputes and loss of property due to demolishing exercises carried out; flooding, and lands raided.

Increase in the use of the Just Line and online platform by Land Buyers and Stakeholders in Land Management.

Increase in the number of land buyers/sellers educated and guided in the legal step-by-step registration process involved in land acquisition.

Factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Just Land is unique because it provides land buyers Just Lines (help lines) for them to call and send messages for free information or guide on legal land acquisition. Just Land also provides geoform (location based form) for land buyers to make on-site inquiries about land(s) of interest. Just Land informs land buyers about and the legal status of the land. For example if a land is not registered, is there a litigation issue?

It also incorporates Geotrigger/Geofencing features that make land information readily available to the buyers while they are on the site of the land of interest. Users can choose when and at what times they would like to receive alerts about the land information.

In the next 5-10 years Just Land seeks to register 60,000 Lands, save countless and priceless lives, save families properties and funds worth 8.9 Billion US Dollars lost due to land ownership disputes.  

Business model 

Revenue Streams:

1. Revenues from Innovation: Land Registration, Land Survey Services and Fees charged from the provision of hard copy and soft copy of Spatial Land Information extracted from ‘Just Land’ platform sold to individuals and organizations.

2. Site Plan Design, Building Plan Design, Building Permit and Lease Acquisition

3. Other Sources of Revenue: Real Estate Management, Implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GIS Training, GIS Application Creation, Spatial Data Collection, Sharing Geospatial Data and Map Creation for organizations and individuals.

Scalability: ‘Just Land’ is applicable in area (Obuasi), country (Ghana) and international since the problems exist at these expanses.

Customer Relationships:  Online platform, Mobile Workers and Advertisement using Mass Media. 

Sales, Marketing, and Customers: Organizations and individuals interested in Land acquisition/sale, Building Construction, Land Management and Incorporation of GIS Solutions.

Value Proposition: Own a litigation-free land and legal land that suits your purpose.


We are the only organization to offer all in one service right from the idea of acquiring land to building.

Our Competitors offer Lease Acquisition and Land Survey Services while we offer these two including Land Sales, Land Registration, Site Plan Design, Building Plan Design and Building Permit. 

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