HydroIQ : a Virtual Water Network Operator

 BRIAN BOSIRE,  Founder/Chief Executive Officer : A Strategist Visionary & Technology Entrepreneur in a broad spectrum of Business Development. BSC, Electronics & Computer Engineering, JKUAT

Victor Shikoli, Founder/Chief Operations Officer : Technology Development, Technology visionary with strategic view of aligning technology with business goals. Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mt. Kenya University

The two founders got motivated by the fact that they were both brought up in western Kenya and moved to the city Nairobi more than 8 years ago. One of the bills you have to pay is water and at the end of every month, you receive a water bill which you have to pay despite of the fact that water taps remain dry 2-3 days week. This is not an isolated case case, this is a problem that affects over 3 million residents in Nairobi alone. Yet water accounts for almost 11% of the daily income.

According to UN water 2/3 of the world population will be living in water stressed areas.

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HydroIQ is a GPS and internet enabled device that is plugged into existing water supply systems, in homes or businesses and along water distribution network to automatically monitor water use, water quality and water leakages using sensors and send the data to an online platform in real-time, thereby turning traditional water systems into smart water grids to improve water efficiencies, sanitation and hygiene. HydroIQ introduces automation to intelligently monitor, control and effectively manage water thereby reducing wastage and ensuring profitability, healthy and efficient ecosystem in urban areas.

The online platform allows registered users to monitor and receive water bills and make payments via mobile money, eliminating the need for the costly and erroneous physical meter reading in the traditional model. HydroIQ device ensures aggregation of real-time data on water consumption and distribution which through data analytics provides insights for informed decision making.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

We are developing HydroIQ, the world first virtual water network operator (VWNO). We are developing a new business model that allows the water industry to digitize processes by reducing the upfront investments, the cost and time of adoption and optimizing the efficiency in order to deliver the highest standard value to the consumers.

Your business model 

We install HydroIQ devices at household and distribute to them water which we sell at a prepaid wholesale price to the consumer and perform data analytics to provide information to the water utilities.

A few words about your competitors

In Kenya, Davis & Shirtliff is the biggest water metering solutions provider. However, they provide manual water reading technologies. Our automated solution provides a better value to the customers and users.

HydroIQ is purely specialized in optimizing efficiency across the whole water distribution process, unlike the dealers of water meters who do not provide a complete solution to both customers and services.

HydroIQ’s technology allows for a pay to own model for distributed payment plans hence reducing the upfront cost of taking up the technology, which has been a barrier to adoption of technology by utility companies, water service boards, and consumers.

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