Flying with a Toddler

Flying with a Toddler: 10 Expert Tips Make Your Air Travel Easier

Traveling with your baby can be stressful, especially when traveling solo.  However, the journey can be relatively easy if you demonstrate patience and strategize well.

All in all, flying with a toddler can be a lot easier than with bigger children because they tend to explore the world as they grow.  As a result, it can be harder for them to sit still during flights because they can get bored, and so they need to be entertained continually.

You can make traveling with your children a success when you plan ahead.  In fact, you can start with domestic flights before going on international trips.  While it takes practice to travel with kids, it is so worth it.

Here is how you can get started.

A Toddler

1.   Pack All of the Essentials

Begin by packing baby items before embarking on your trip.  You should ensure that your diaper bag is well stocked with several diapers, diaper cream, a changing pad, burp cloths, a pacifier, a blanket, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and so on.

The next step is to pack your stuff.  However, don’t overpack because you will end up with a lot of baggage to carry, yet you have a small baby to take care of.

2.   Wear Your Baby

Baby carriers are incredibly helpful when traveling with a toddler.  You just pop the baby in the carrier and strap them super close to you so that they can take a nap, especially during take-off and landing.

Further, the shimmying of the plane and the loud ambient noise can relax the baby.  Wearing the baby keeps your hands free, making it easy to change the channels and enjoy the in-flight entertainment.

3.   Bring a Pre-loaded Device with the Baby and Your Entertainment

You can keep your baby entertained by carrying two devices pre-loaded with baby-friendly content and videos or music for you.  Packing such entertainment can help you survive and have a few peaceful hours when the baby is awake.

4.   Carry a Few Toys

Try to keep your baby as calm and happy as possible.  When flying, you can do that by bringing along new toys to help kill time.  Carrying toys and a device pre-loaded with entertainment allows you to rotate between activities like watching kid’s videos, playing with a new toy while on your lap, feeding, sleeping, looking out the window, and much more.

5.   Dress Your Baby in Comfortable Clothes

Sweaters, leggings, and onesies keep your baby comfortable in multiple climates.  They also make it easy to access and change diapers.  It’s also important to park extra change of clothes for the baby and yourself because messes are inevitable.  This will enable you to change the baby when they spit up or worse in order to keep them clean and comfortable.

6.   Change the Baby before Boarding

Diaper disasters on the plane can be annoying so change your baby before getting on board.  Starting off fresh will keep the baby comfortable and eliminate your anxiety as the mother.

7.   Carry Easy-to-Eat Food

You can carry breastmilk bottles, formula, and baby food packs on board.  However, they will be tested for hazardous materials.  The Transportation Security Authority (TSA) agents are usually kind to parents flying with their children, so don’t be anxious.  However, all the liquids must adhere to the 3-1-1 guidelines, including the baby’s fluids.

8.   Feed Your Baby Strategically

While you’re allowed to bring some baby’s liquid formula and breastmilk, you can feed them during landing and take-off.  It’s important to note that the air pressure that happens during the two events can irritate the baby, and their ears can clog.  However, continual swallowing during such a time can help prevent such a problem.

9.   Keep Travel Documents in an Accessible Place

Parents can travel with their 2-year-old or below while carrying them on their lap and for free.  But the requirement to show their birth certificates may vary.  You can avoid inconveniences by bringing a copy of their birth certificate or simply a passport.  Further, ensure that their name appears on your ticket as a lap child.

10.  Prepare for Some Tears

One of the greatest fears when traveling with a toddler is inconsolably crying, which can bother other travelers.  However, when you look around, you will realize that fellow fliers are plugged in and zoned out.  Still, the engine noise and baby cry can’t compete.

Therefore, take your time to soothe your baby when they freak out for your sake and not for others.  Also, you will land soon, and everything will be all right.  So keep calm, worry about the baby, not other passengers, and keep your toddler entertained.

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