Emerging Technology: conception and building of agro-industry equipments

AGHII Godlove FOINMBAM, Co-founder, CEO/ Electro-Mechanical Engineeer: aged 36. He has worked for three years and two years 6 months with Ndawara Highland Tea estate as the Director of General maintenance and Cameroon Tea Estate as the Head of the Electrical Installations and Maintenance Department, respectively. Aghii has also worked as a maintenance consultant with People’s Bakery and Saint Denis Bakery for two years. He is the Mechanical Engineer in charge of conception and construction at Emerging Technology.

NGWA Jude CHE, Co-founder, Chief Mechanical Engineer: aged 29, a lecturer and the Head of department of Industrial Maintenance in the Government Technical Teachers’ Training College Mbengwi. He is a holder of a Diplôme de Professeur de L’Enseignement Technique deuxième grade (DIPET II) in mechanical manufacturing from ENSET Bambili and a B.Sc holder in Mechanical Manufacturing from the University of Dschang. He is the Mechanical Engineer in charge of training and designing at Emerging Technology. He is responsible for product development and the sustainability of its activities.

TIMBONG Georges AMBE, Co-Founder, QA/QC Engineer: aged 29, a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Engineer in Agro-Food processing. He is a holder of a M. Sc in Quality Control and Management from the National School of Agro-Industrial Sciences-University of Ngaoundere. He has a year experience with Agro Systems LTD where he acted as the Operations and Quality Manager. He is responsible for the monitoring and improvement our activities relative to our quality policy. He is also the acting public relations Officer.

After Aghii has worked for many years in the agro-industrial sector, he was always not satisfied working for a company’s account. Reason being that it was a hindrance for him to exercise his creativity; he had also brought forth pertinent solutions to mechanical faults and improved the efficiency of equipments in all the companies he has gone through. In one of the former companies where he worked, he discovered that peasants produce tea but couldn’t process it because they lack the necessary equipments. So at a certain point he saw it fit to serve the population or actors dealing in this sector, who cannot afford expensive imported equipments. This ambition of his made him to quit his job and start a company on his own. At this juncture his ambition led him to Ngwa and Timbong who are specialist in Mechanics and Quality Assurance respectively. The blend of this individuals and their background coupled to the value they have for promoting local

Your products and services 

Our company manufactures agro-farming and agro-processing equipments of all kinds and according to the demand/needs of our customers. We customize the equipments that we supply according to the product specifications obtained from our customers.

We have a pre-installment and post-installment service, which is that of; training the operators of the supplied equipments and maintenance of the equipments, respectively.

Your success factors 

Quality Policy: We have a quality policy that governs the production of equipments permitting us to respect pre-established standards and specifications.

Customer Satisfaction: Beneficiaries or customers satisfaction is our priority. Producing agro-industry equipments that satisfy the intrinsic and extrinsic needs of our beneficiaries or customers is one of our success factors

Sustainable and Durable Equipments: We deliver equipments that are easy to operate, long-lasting and relatively cheap to afford

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

We conceive, design and construct equipments that do not exist in the market. We therefore promote novelty in the agro-industrial sector. By so doing; we help “start-uppers”, CIGs’ and small-size enterprises with innovative ideas of agro-farming and food-processing to realize them or scale them up through technology that we provide.

In anterior in Cameroon and Africa where a lot of home grown produce is been exported out of the continent due to lack in processing equipment, we believe in making the difference by manufacturing machinery specifically adapted to the needs of various agriculturalists.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We make money in the business by constructing and selling equipment for our customers and clients and we also do sub-contracting for non-profit institutions like NGOs and International organization that are concerned with improving the lives of the peasant populations such as the EU, UNICEF, USAID.

A few words about your competitors

At the national level LAMOTECH Ets, Selung Engineering, Ets Jiol and FONAB are our major competitors. We hope to be able to produce machinery which will be able to compete with international  products such as those from China, Brazil and Turkey.

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