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5 Foods You Can Make With Your Waffle Maker besides Waffles

People love waffles for breakfast, and so they only use their Waffle Maker just to make that.  However, you can use the distinctively honeycombed surface as a toaster oven, mini grill, or Panini press.  Indeed you can use this breakfast gadget to cook much more.

But why should somebody use a waffle maker to make other foods that aren’t waffles?

There are many reasons for doing that.  The waffle iron applies heat on both sides of your foods, so it takes less time to cook them than other gadgets.  It’s also easier to clean up a waffle maker than gadgets with removable plates.  Most importantly, cooking with a waffle maker is a lot of fun.  But you must purchase your waffle maker from a brand that delivers high-quality catering equipment.

Here are 5 recipes to prove these points.

1.   Frittata


People use different ingredients to make this Italian egg dish.  However, the primary ones are eggs, chopped, seasoned vegetables or meats, milk, crumbled or grated cheese (to make it creamy and custardy), and other add-ins.

Although frittata is similar to an omelet or scrambled, it’s slowly done over low heat and served at room temperature.  Omelet, on the other hand, is quickly cooked over high heat and served hot.  They also differ health-wise and in terms of taste.

You can serve frittata with side dishes to make it a wholesome meal.  These include green salad or grilled vegetables, cucumber salad, charred broccoli, garlic roasted potatoes, grilled beans, and more.

You can serve frittata as a breakfast, brunch, or dinner.

2.   Pizza

Making crisp, fresh, and chewy homemade pizza is fun.  Indeed it makes you and the entire family happy because it’s hassle-free.  After all, you get to choose your favorite toppings.  Here is how to use your waffle maker to make a quick and tasty pizza right in your house.

Grab your favorite homemade pizza dough.  If you don’t have it, you can rush to the refrigerated section in the nearest store and pick up the already prepared dough.  Next, spray the waffle iron with cooking spray, preheat it, spread the pizza dough, and close the lid.  Open the lid after 2 minutes, and add pizza sauce, toppings of choice, and cheese.  Wait for the cheese to melt as you hold the top slightly open.

3.   Brownies

A waffle maker can help you make tasty brownies, especially when you add an extra egg to your brownie batter.  Spray the waffle iron with olive oil spray, preheat it and place the batter on the surface.  Let cook until it achieves your desired doneness.  Crispy brownies are much better than soft ones, so leave them for a minute longer or so.

4.   Chocolate chip waffled cookies

There is no need to struggle with chocolate chip cookie cravings when you have a waffle maker.  Simply prepare your dough early enough and allow it to chill in the refrigerator.  Spray the surface with oil spray, preheat it, spread the dough, close the lid and cook for less than 2 minutes.  Your cookies will cook very fast.  Remove your cookies when set.  Some people prefer soft and chewy, while others want crunchy cookies.  The choice is yours.  You can use the standard chocolate chips or any other.

5.   Bacon

You can use your waffle iron to make delicious and crispy bacon.  However, you have to be keen when doing it so that you can reach the desired color and level of crispiness.  The good news is that you don’t get grease splatters to clean up when you use a waffle iron.

The Best Waffle Maker Brand

There are varieties of waffles that you can make or buy in the store.  Some waffles are crispy, light, or scented.  Generally, homemade waffles are much better because you use your favorite ingredients and recipe, such as yeasted or buttermilk waffles.  However, you need a great waffle iron to make them.

The market offers a variety of waffle makers, but you must choose one that will consistently make you the best waffles – those with a crispy and golden appearance but fluffy and moist when you chew them.

You also need a waffle iron that reheats quickly and is easy to operate, clean, and store. rollergrill.com/waffle-makers is a winner because it delivers to the market professional waffle makers that you would want to use any time of the day.  Roller Grill’s waffle markers bake waffles quickly, evenly, and up to 3 minutes per waffle.  The brand has budget-friendly models and commercial waffle makers with sufficient power to thoroughly bake your waffles.

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