“21st Century Initiatives LLC” transforms recycled plastic into Eco-friendly pillows and paving bricks

Few words about the founder and how the idea came

In 2015, a flood disaster as a result of plastic waste clogging gutters claimed 159 human lives and many lose of property. The committee tasked to investigate the cause of disaster found out that plastic waste was the major cause and that if nothing is done to stop it, there will be an environmental crisis in Ghana as a result of plastic waste menace. There is also the threat of having more plastics in the sea than fishes by the year 2050 if nothing is done now.

At this point Richmond Owusu-Frimpong C.E.O of 21st Century Initiatives LLC. decided to take action to mitigate or stop the huge problem of the menace, and this led to the introduction of plastic waste management, up-cycling and manufacturing of Eco pillows and Eco bricks from hygienically treated plastic waste materials. And also embark on plastic waste segregation advocacy in schools to sensitize students on the impending danger and how we can stop it. After speaking to the schools, improvised waste bins are given as a receptor of the waste generated.

Our products and services 

Currently, to tackle this huge problem of plastic waste menace, 21st century initiatives has up-cycled the plastics into beautiful Eco-friendly, long lasting, therapeutic pillows and paving bricks. The pillow which is already selling so well in the market is the ideal for a relaxing sleep.




Our success factors 

Creating a team to embark on this all-important journey to deliver society from this gloomy future has been so exciting and wonderful. Schools have accepted as we are making great impact in many communities where we operate. Our products have also been well received, but to make the great impact we are hoping to make, which is ending plastic waste pollution we need to do more.

Our factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Currently, industry players only focus on recycling which compounds the problem, in that over 5 tons of plastic materials in the form of sachet water, poly carrier bags, bottled water etc. hits the market daily. This contributes to a total of 2800 tons of city waste.

With 2200 tones being collected by municipal waste management companies, leaving a whopping 600 tons on the street daily. With over 50% being plastic waste which ends up on the street and in the gutters and eventually in the ocean when it rains.

Clearly speaking, recycling is not the ideal solution to plastic waste pollution, as compared to up-cycling which prevents the plastics from coming back onto the street. And this is what you focus on.

Our business model 

Revenue is accrued through the sales of our beautiful therapeutic Eco-friendly pillows. We also plan to construct tiny homes with our bricks and rent them on short-term bases. 

A few words about your competitors

At the moment, our competitors only manufacture their pillows with foam which flattens in no time as compared to our long-lasting Eco-friendly pillow which is so much affordable and enhances one’s sleep by relaxing the neck bone and softly cushions the head. We believe that producing at a large scale we can beat all competitions on the market.

Our website 



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